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Newkirk's Management Team

Ray NewkirkRay Newkirk — Chief Executive Officer

Ray received his B.A. from Hamilton College and J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Current job responsibilities include product development, oversight of Newkirk’s 40-plus-person programming department, mergers and acquisitions, operations, and marketing.

Pete NewkirkPete Newkirk — President

Pete received his B.A. from Hamilton College and his MBA from the Harvard Business School.

His main responsibilities in the company are sales, product development, and marketing.

Pete is a frequent speaker at industry trade associations, user groups, and national conferences (the SPARK National Conference, American Banker Association's Annual Trust Conferences, the Brokerage Affiliated Trust Companies Annual Conference, etc.).

James Salada — Senior Vice President, General Counsel

Jim received his B.A. from Niagara University and his J.D. from Union University, Albany Law School.

Current job responsibilities include operational management of Newkirk editorial, graphic services, quality assurance, and account management departments; corporate counsel; and chief executive officer of McKay Hochman Co., Inc., a Newkirk subsidiary. Jim is also Newkirk's Privacy Officer.

Robert Gatto — Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Bob received his B.S. from Russell Sage College.

Current job responsibilities include oversight of the company’s press and bindery, fulfillment, warehousing and shipping operations. In addition, Bob oversees production administration, including production traffic management, purchasing, and administration of Newkirk's production management system.

Kenneth Zinssar — Senior Vice President, Information Technology

Ken pursued a double major (Computer Science and Physics) in his four years at the State University of New York at Albany.

As Chief Officer in charge of technology, Ken is responsible for the management of Newkirk's 40+ programmers and maintains oversight of Newkirk's technical operations staff.

Jim Lawler — Senior Vice President, Sales Manager

Jim received his B.S. from Clarkson University.

Job responsibilities include management of the company’s nationwide network of regional sales representatives, Newkirk’s Telesales operation, Sales Support, and financial institution sales channels.

Linda McDonald — Senior Vice President, Healthcare Division

Linda received her B.S. in Economics from SUNY Plattsburg and her M.B.A. from SUNY Albany.

Linda is responsible for the management of Newkirk’s Healthcare team, which includes sales and relationship management for health plans, third party administrators, and self-funded health plans.




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